The Flaming Lips Tonight!!

There are just about a million things that I’m excited to be writing about this morning, but I’ll just shorten it to only the most important things.

Firstly, I had such an incredible night with the guys of The Underground Forum of William Paterson University’s Brave New Radio! It was such a learning experience and a great time all around filled with pizza and some awesome music discussions! Thank you to everyone who tuned in and in a short time you’ll be able to read a more detailed account of my night at WPU’s radio station.

Secondly, this is my very first post from my WordPress mobile app! Now I can bring you tons of quality music blogging on the go (or maybe just while watching an irrelevant documentary in a class like this morning).

That being said I will quickly bring you my last, most exciting announcement! Thanks to a good friend of mine and one-third of The Underground Forum’s hosts, I’ll be heading out to Festival Pier later this evening to catch The Flaming Lips playing a show with Tame Impala!! The Flaming Lips are a group I’ve wanted to see since childhood and I’m so ecstatic to have this opportunity. Aside from the general awesome-ness of The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala made their way into my musical repertoire earlier this year and I have no regrets about this. They sound so similar to a modern day Beatles that I don’t think my body could generate anymore excitement for tonight’s show.

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ll catch some of you at Festival Pier tonight!


One thought on “The Flaming Lips Tonight!!

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